• This is the kingdom of Sursum Cordia. The monarchy has ruptured into a schism over who will take the throne; the Head Prince, or the Heart Princess.

    As a Head, logic rules over everything. Reason dictates what must be done.

    As a Heart, you must act with what you feel. Emotion and passion drives you.

    Which shall you choose?
  • The son of the infamous Angelus family has all the makings of becoming the perfect heir to his father's empire, and his peers all rightfully fear him. Except that bubbly little southerner that moved in recently.. Set in New York, 1926.
  • The Roaring Twenties led the metropolitan world from the shadow of the Great War into a golden era of peace and prosperity, where jazz is king, the flapper the epitome of the modern woman, where Art Deco peaks and science can accomplish anything. Until today, Tuesday the 24th of October, 1929.




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